Understanding Who You Are

"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom." 


Understanding Who You Are…

Your identity is directly linked to the feelings of belonging you have to a particular group. Have you ever looked around at work or at school and noticed different nationalities?  Did you listen to their voices or notice different accents?  Each person has a cultural identity. Consider engaging in self identity activities.  These can take place with co-workers or a group of friends.


Self Reflection Exercise

Ask yourself…

  • Who am I?
  • How do I describe my identity?
  • Why are labels salient to me?

The benefit of this activity is to better understand how your ethnicity impacts your day to day life.


 Knowing Who You Are Within Your State

Questions to ask…

  • What percentage of the population is your ethnicity?
  • Which cities is your ethnicity located in?
  • How many students within your ethnicity are in K-12 schools?
  • What is the poverty rate of your ethnicity?
  • What is the percentage of the median age of your ethnicity?
  • What is the percentage of births within your ethnicity?

When you act on self-knowledge, you give yourself energy and you save energy. You will feel a sense of  freedom and belonging.  You will not be conforming to how people think you “should” feel or act based on stereotypes but who you really are.