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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

What does Black Lives Matter mean? That was the question posed by my six-year-old daughter. I found myself searching within for a politically correct response.
I told my daughter it’s a statement that many of us use to let the world know there needs to be an end to senseless deaths, violence and racism that we face as blacks in America.
Over the past few weeks, my four children, husband and I have watched, read and some of us participated in events that drew attention to “Black Lives Matter.” I have observed for weeks, Americans gathering and marching to protest against the violence black people face. Protests have taken place in practically every American state. There are also protests in Europe, Asia and New Zealand. Brands are publishing social media posts supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement.
We, at Culturally Kreative join them and want to offer our support. Wortham, a writer for the New York Times, reminded me of a statement from Alicia Garza. “Seven years ago, we were treated like we were too radical, too out of the bounds of what is possible.”
Alicia Garza, the civil rights organizer based in Oakland, Calif., who coined the phrase in a 2013 Facebook post after George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. “And now, countless lives later, it’s finally seen as relevant.”
We must never forget the countless number of blacks lives lost to law enforcement and vigilantes and stand steadfast on our beliefs to create a better tomorrow.
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