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As we look at what’s going on in the world, it may appear frightening.
Many things have changed. From our social interactions and mobility, to our job security and the economy. One might ask, in the midst of all of this, how do we remain calm?  This could be asked across the globe because this, our supposed "NEW NORMAL."  is impacting the world.  It's disrupting our lives and taking us out of our peaceful states of mind.
Luckily, there are several things that can help us stay focused and regain our peace. You see, our minds our great tools and because of that we have the ability to make choices to improve out circumstances. Consider the six suggestions listed below.

1. Refuse to be anxious.
This might be contrary to how we react. Some of us may complain, call friends 
and work ourselves into hysteria. We shouldn’t be anxious. We need to try being calm before we approach any issue or problem. When you are calm, you tend to make better decisions.

2.  Be still.
Reel in the emotions. Take time to stop and focus your mind.
Ask yourself, Is this worth my time? If it is, how should you approach the situation?  Try being still and collect your thoughts before you proceed.

3. Remain hopeful.
Everyday, never cease from having hope. Always believe there’s a way to address whatever you might be facing. This will prepare you for what may come your way. You will find, by having this mindset,  you are better equipped  to deal with situations that come your way.

4. Don’t worry.
Don’t let something way you down. Life was not meant to be free of challenges.
You should take time to think of possible solutions and tap into your inner strength. Sometimes talking to a good friend helps too.

5.  Keep inspirational quotes with you.
Keep quotes in your wallet or purse. It's also good to write them down in a journal. This reinforces what you believe. The more you read positive affirmations, the more you will believe in them and they will impact your mindset.

6. Develop a daily plan for yourself and follow through with it.
There are all types of plans. Start small and make it reasonable.
Plan to exercise several times a week.  Get some Fresh air everyday by going on a walk, in the morning or during your lunch break. Practice deep breathing.
This is calming and it increases blood circulation.  Also, consider going out and doing for others. This helps to relieve tension.

Today, let’s make a change. Let’s plan to move forward with a new mindset and handle events with a positive mindset. Let’s Strive for peace and happiness from within. I know you can do it!  You just have to believe you can and take the first steps.