Alexinia Baldwin Addresses: Culturally Diverse Students Who Are Gifted

Historically, students of color have been underrepresented in gifted programs. Alexinia Baldwin brings some insight into this topic.

Alexinia Y. Baldwin is a professor emeritus in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. She is a specialist in Education of the Gifted with emphasis on the minority gifted child.

Alexinia Y. Baldwin believes culturally diverse students are receiving much-deserved attention by educators of the gifted. Historically, the field has been unable to answer all concerns about this "minority within the gifted minority"; however, research and census data indicate that diversity has become a priority in educational settings. Baldwin also stated, “Understanding the meaning of cultural diversity and accepting new paradigms for developing organizational and instructional strategies are important variables that lead to success in meeting the needs of this population. Research has shown that conceptual and attitudinal changes toward the recognition of hidden abilities often overlooked in culturally diverse groups have enriched successful programs for the gifted. Recommendations for the involvement of administrators, teachers, parents, and the community in the planning process for inclusion of culturally diverse students in programs for the gifted provide a roadmap for this complex process.”