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5 Activities For Children to Build Cultural Awareness

5 Activities For Children to Build Cultural Awareness


These activities teach children about people and cultures around the world.

The first thing to consider is...

Which country will be the focus for the next two to three weeks.

Allow your students a few weeks to learn and grow their knowledge of another country. Use the following activities to expand their knowledge.

1.  Reading Activities

Everyday, select something to read about the focus country.  Find books, stories and articles. Find books at the local library, bookstore or online. Gather interesting facts.  Students should be learning about the country's language, traditions and customs. Make the reading materials available in your class library or Google Classroom.

2.  Art Activity

Art is a fun tool to use to let students express their creativity. Children could select something they notice about the country or the people.  They could select clothing, food or homes and design something with a wide range of materials (i.e. glue, clay, markers, crayons, yarn, boxes or construction paper).

3.  Maps

Show children where the country is located on a globe or a printed map.  Focus on the distance between your location and the country.  Also, determine how many hours it would it take to fly to the country.

4.  Cooking

Children would enjoy trying food from another country.  It would also be fun and exciting to cook together.  Consider baking or cooking something from a country or visiting a restaurant that has authentic food. Share a menu with the class or watch a cooking demonstration on YouTube.

5.  Music

Children enjoy listening to music.  Try songs from another country. They could hear another language and they would be able to  learn the chorus and sing along.  


Understanding, accepting and valuing our different backgrounds can help the future of tomorrow thrive and grow in our ever changing world.